Employment and Human Rights Law Assignment
You have just been hired as a human resources co-coordinator at a non-unionized company that manufactures and sells computer parts in Ontario.You have conducted interviews within the company and discovered the following:
HRM4011 Employment And Human Rights Law Assignment-George Brown College Canada.

HRM4011 Employment And Human Rights Law Assignment-George Brown College Canada.

1.in the past five years, the company has grown from 50 employees with a payroll of $300,000 to over 500 employees with a payroll of $4 million

2.the workplace is culturally diverse and over 5 languages are spoken by employees

3.the previously male-dominated workplace now has a significant
female presence

4.the company is considering selling an out-of-date division that has about 80 employees

5.many employees were hired without written employment contracts or reference checks

6.job descriptions and workplace policies are out of date

7.the company has pledged to spend millions of dollars in upgrading its equipment and workplaces

HRM4011 Employment And Human Rights Law Assignment-George Brown College Canada.

8.the company expects to hire 30 new employees to work on a top-secret project in the near future

9.the company recently moved its head office to a new building that has a parking garage, video surveillance cameras, a gym, and a subsidized cafeteria cont.

10.60% of the employees are new recruits with less than 3 years relevant work experience whereas 25% of employees have already or will reach the age of 65 years in the next 2 years

11.many managers were hired from a bankrupt U.S. company and had never worked in Canada before

12.managers have not received training relating to Employment Law matters in the past 5 years

After a discussion with the owner of the company, you and your team have agreed to write a report to be given to the owner and the managers of the company that sets out any legal concerns and recommendations your team has with respect to the particular facts discovered during your interviews as set out above. Ensure that your report takes into account the specific needs of your company and that your report speaks to your audience – uninformed management.

Additional Instructions:
The completed assignment should be double-spaced, and the answers must be in paragraph form. No references are required, since you should NOT be doing additional research, but rather using the knowledge gained in the course to provide the answers.
However, do make sure that the legal concerns and recommendations that make up each answer EXPLAIN the issue and your chosen recommendations. Also note that not
all facts have equal value – in other words, some answers will be short, others long: write as much as is necessary to deal with the fact. Serious spelling/grammar errors will result in the loss of a grade. Plagiarized answers will result in a zero grade.